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AWS Architect

AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate

AWS Academy Cloud Architecting 

Program szkolenia:

Module 0: AWS Review

Introduction to AWS Cloud

Cloud Scenarios

  Infrastructure Overview

Introduction to AWS Foundation Services

Module 1: Course Welcome

Course Prerequisites, Objectives, and Overview

Create Your AWS Training Portal Account

Access Your Course Materials

Create Your AWS Free Tier Account

Create Your AWS Educate Account

Module 2: Designing Your Environment

Choosing a Region

Selecting Availability Zones

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Dividing VPCs and Subnets

Default VPCs and Default Subnets

Controlling VPC Traffic

Connecting Multiple VPCs

Integrating On-Premises Components

VPC Best Practices

Module 3: Designing for High Availability I

Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance

High Availability Across Regions

Connections Outside of AWS

Making Your Environment Highly Available

Module 4: Designing for High Availability II

Best Practice - Scalability

Determining if Scaling is Needed

Automatic Scaling

Scaling Data Stores

AWS Lambda and Event-Driven Scaling

Module 5: Automating Your Infrastructure

Manual environment configuration

Infrastructure as code on AWS

Grouping resources in a template

Resources not supported by AWS CloudFormation

Module 6: Decoupling Your Infrastructure

Loose Coupling

Loose Coupling Strategies

Communicating Easily and Reliably Among Components

Communicating with Loose Coupling and Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon API Gateway

Serverless Architectures

  Decoupling Examples

Module 7: Designing Web-Scale Media

Storing Web-Accessible Content with Amazon S3

Caching with Amazon CloudFront

Managing NoSQL databases

Storing Relational Data in Amazon RDS.

Implementing a Serverless Architecture with AWS Managed Services 

Module 8: Is Your Infrastructure Well-Architected?

Introduction to the Well-Architected Framework

Pillars of the Well-Architected Framework

Well-Architected Design Principles

Module 9: Well-Architected Pillar 1: Operational Excellence

Principles of the Operational Excellence Pillar

Drive Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence Pillar Questions

Module 10: Well-Architected Pillar 2: Security

Principles of the Security Pillar

Preventing Common Security Exploits

Securing Data in CloudFront

Encrypting Data


Module 11: Well-Architected Pillar 3: Reliability

Principles of The Reliability Pillar

Making Your Infrastructure More Reliable

Multi-Region Failover with Amazon Route 53

Reliability Pillar Questions

Module 12: Well-Architected Pillar 4: Performance Efficiency

Principles of the Performance Efficiency Pillar

Infrastructure Efficiency Improvements

Performance Efficiency Pillar Questions and Best Practices 

Module 13: Well-Architected Pillar 5: Cost Optimization

Principles of the Cost-Optimization Pillar

Optimizing the Cost of Your Infrastructure

Dedicated Instances and Dedicated Hosts

Trusted Advisor

Optimizing Costs with Caching

AWS Cost Calculation Tools

Cost Optimization Questions

Module 14: Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Steps

AWS Support Options

Module 15: Design Patterns and Sample Architectures

High-Availability Design Patterns

Stream Processing Example

Sensor Network Data Ingestion and Processing Example

Application Backend Example

Transcoding and Serving Video Files Example 



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